Pest Control Services Birmingham

Wasps and Bees

In the summer months there will be a lot of flying insects, the most prolific being the wasps and the bee's. As the summer period comes to an end wasps become a much greater danger to people. We are fully equip to illuminate any threats caused by these pests.

Birds Control

With bird control we deploy many different methods to eradicate the problem. Birds damage property, can spread disease and encourage infestations. Birds are often places where specialist equipment is needed eliminate and to stop it becoming an ongoing problem

Rats and Mice

Rodents such as rats and mice carry a lot of diseases known to hazardous to health. These pests chew and can cause costly damage to property. With the different variety of rodent the pests can difficult to eradicate. Our team of experts can be assured you are in safe hands


Ant colonies are massive 300,000 to 500,000 and can uproot and relocate extremely fast. Must people try to eradicate the ant problem themselves, but it is ineffective as most of the shelve products only kill the ants you see.


Squirrels as nice as they may they can cause damage that can be extremely expensive to repair. Squirrels are often found in lofts, they chew a variety of thing but commonly known to chew cables.

Fleas and Bedbugs

Bedbugs are known to feed of mammals but are not known to spread disease. They can leave very unpleasant itchy and rashy skin. Fleas on the other hand can spread disease. Fleas are annoying effecting pets as well as humans

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