Graffiti Removal

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Graffiti Removal


At Midland Maintenance we have been removing graffiti for many years and have developed the knowledge and understanding that not all graffiti can be removed the same. First we a stable the surface type and what substance to be removed.

Identify the surface

The most common surface which we encounter graffiti is brick, concrete, stone, aluminum, utility boxes, poles, bus shelters, signs, pavement, wood, & glass. These surfaces can be smooth or textured. Some painted, others unprotected. Once established what material the graffiti has been applied we then determine the best way of removing without leaving substantial damage.

Identify substan

While most graffiti is applied with spray paint, graffiti vandals also use markers, adhesives (stickers), shoe polish, lip stick, stencils, and etching products. The length of time graffiti has been on a surface usually impacts how easily it can be removed--the longer, the more difficult.Depending on the substance to be removed, each surface requires or responds better to a particular method.

Removal methods

Paint-out is used to cover over graffiti on smooth, painted surfaces. Paint is a relatively safe product compared to removing graffiti with chemicals. Chemical removers vary, but typically the stronger the solvent, the faster it will dissolve or remove paint. In some cases, stronger solvents may require more safety consideration or personal protection. We deploy a number to techniques one being the use of pressure washers combined with a solvent. While pressure washing is effective, it can wear down the surface being treated.

Protective Coating

Once the graffiti is removed we can apply a protective coating to make it easier to remove in the future. There are two types of protective coatings, sacrificial and non-sacrificial or permanent. Sacrificial coatings are protective, but come off when graffiti is removed and must be reapplied. Non-sacrificial or permanent anti-graffiti coatings are unaffected by the graffiti removal process and remain on the surface.

Products we use

All the chemicals we use to remove graffiti you cannot buy over the counter at your regular shops. The chemicals are specailise products and should only be used by someone trained to do so. A solvent or cleaner that is poorly matched to a particular construction material may create aesthetically unappealing results. With our experience we ensure we select the correct product for the job as this is critical.Chemical removers have the potential to be harmful to people and to the environment, this is why this sort of task should only be done by a competent expert.

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